All paintings are 11 by 14 inches or smaller.Red dot indicates,sold.
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These are smaller paintings done in one to three days of objects  and ideas that in some way capture my attention.  I hope you enjoy them.
I like simple things. I don’t know why. A feather, a stone or a shell from the sea, these things get my attention. I love to hold them in my hand and meditate. I try to find a way to put these things in a painting. Paper bags that so inauspiciously enter your life and then are thrown away also attract me. I know we are all temporal beings gathered together on this journey through life, a journey that is surrounded in unanswerable questions. Life is like an island surrounded by a vast dark sea of which birth and death is the shores.
I gather my objects on the table and paint them to express the feelings I have about my journey. To quote Shakespeare,”we strut and fret our hour on the stage” and so my objects do the same upon the table.